ESMNs Training to be Flora of Virginia Ambassadors

The Flora of Virginia (FOV) and the Flora App, developed based on research by the Virginia Division of Natural Heritage and the Virginia Botanical Associates, are the definitive botanical catalogs and reference manuals for the state’s native, naturalized, and invasive plants. 

Virginia Master Naturalists and other organizations have partnered with the Flora Board on an  Ambassador Program. Chapter members Mimi Stitt, Brenda Poist, and Linda Frederick are in training to become FOV Ambassadors for ESVA. They have completed initial training and are now getting out in the field to practice using the app. 

The app has descriptions, images, and maps for over 3,300 species. There are dichotomous keys which ask a series of questions that, properly answered, lead to the identification of the plant in question. There is also a graphic option that breaks plants into smaller categories with photo choices to reach the final identification. The app also enables you to look up native plants to see where they best thrive, find which plants best fit your area, and much more. Great aid for planting ESVA natives!

Keep an eye out for our Ambassadors-in-Training and be sure to ask about the app!

Image: Mimi Stitt (center) at an FOV Ambassador Training session at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond on May 9, 2024. Photo by Brenda Poist.