ESMN Education and Outreach Committee Supports Earth and Arbor Day Events

Shannon Alexander and Virginia Witmer at the Plant Eastern Shore Natives Table in Exmore

The Eastern Shore Master Naturalist’s Education and Outreach Team has been out and about during the month of April.  They set up tables at the Exmore:  Return to Our Roots festival and the ANEC’s Arbor Day and customer celebration. Chapter members volunteered at the Plant Eastern Shore Natives, Eastern Shore Bird Club, and ESMN tables. All conveyed the importance of planting ES natives.  

Get your ES Native Plant Guide here.

Planting native plants is economical as they are adapted to our area and thus need less care.  Along with ease of planting, native plants bring butterflies and moths to lay eggs on the proper food source for their caterpillars. This brings birds that eat the caterpillars and feed them to their own hatchlings.  Planting several native plants can greatly increase the overall ecologic health of your outdoor space.

Carolyn McGavock and Suzanne Noseworthy at ANEC Arbor Day event. Photo by Brenda Poist.

The Education and Outreach team shared a game with children, and adults, to guess which butterfly needed which plant to lay their eggs.  Many knew about the connection between the monarch and milkweed, but most did not know any others. We shared that the zebra butterfly, often thought of as rare, relies solely on the native pawpaw for its egg laying.  We also helped children craft watercolor butterflies that they then wore.  

Sharon Osborn and Shannon Alexander with future naturalists. Photo by Brenda Poist.

The Education and Outreach committee comprises Terri Birtles, Nancy Biegel, Maggie Long, Doug and Debbie Pocock, Suzanne Noseworthy, and Brenda (committee chair) and Wayne Poist. Maggie also represents the Eastern Shore Bird Club and Shannon Alexander represented VDCR and helped with the Plant Natives table. 

Be sure to look for us at the next festival!

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